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prototope is a lightweight api surface on top of ios uikit with the goal to make it as easy as possible to get stuff on the screen and get it interactive.

as you can probably tell, this is still pretty early days here.

if you're interested in the code, check out the github repo

Posts to the dev blog

  • All aboard the 6.3 beta train!

    That’s correct, the .dmg is barely cold and we’re already using the xcode 6.3 beta. With it, we’re happy to report vastly reduced SourceKit crashes, which makes editing scenes from within Xcode actually possible now.

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  • Oh, hi there! Nice to see you

    It looks like you’ve found prototope somehow! I made a video where i sorta bumble my way through talking about it. Although the overview is super high level, it’s as good spot as any to introduce prototope and the sorts of things that are relatively easy to accomplish.

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