Border is a simple specification of how a Layer should draw its border. It’s a struct, so a new copy is made every time it’s assigned to a variable.

You can't modify the properties of a `Border` once it's made: to change a border's width, make a new one like this:
// say you have an oldBorder and you want to change its width...
var newBorder = new Border({color: oldBorder.color, width: myNewWidth})

Method reference

  • public init(color: Color, width: Double)new Border({color: Color, width: Number})

  • Variables

  • public var color: Colorthis.colorColor

    The color of the border stroke. Read-only.

  • public var width: Doublethis.widthNumber

    Specifies the width of the border in the border-owning layer’s coordinate space. Read-only.