public enum ParticlePreset {
    /** Particles explode in all directions. */
    case Explode
    /** Particles fall like rain all the way down. */
    case Rain
    /** Particles fly upward and and quickly burn out. */
    case Sparkle
    /** Sets nothing on the particle. We trust you to do the right thing. */
    case IKnowWhatImDoing

ParticlePreset is useful for simplifying the creation of particles. By choosing a preset and passing it to a particle on creation, you get a ton of free Particle config values.

It also defines a special preset, the default for particles, .IKnowWhatImDoing which sets no defaults, leaving you to figure it all out on your own.

For details on the implementation for each, please take a look at ParticlePreset.swift in Prototope.

Sadly, you can’t define other presets in your own code, but you may encapsulate a default particle with the attributes you wish.