Method reference

  • public init(samples: [TouchSample], id: ID)

  • public func currentVelocityInLayer(layer: Layer) -> Point

  • public func currentGlobalVelocity() -> Point

  • public func touchSequenceByAppendingSample(sample: TouchSample) -> TouchSequence<ID>

  • Variables

  • public let samples: [TouchSample]

  • public var id: ID

  • public var firstSample: TouchSample!

  • public var previousSample: TouchSample?

  • public var currentSample: TouchSample!

  • public var description: String

  • Convenience methods

  • public func +<ID>(a: TouchSequence<ID>, b: TouchSequence<ID>) -> TouchSequence<ID>

    Creates a new touch sequence by adding the samples in the constituent sequences.