It looks like you’ve found prototope somehow! I made a video where i sorta bumble my way through talking about it. Although the overview is super high level, it’s as good spot as any to introduce prototope and the sorts of things that are relatively easy to accomplish.

Links or things mentioned in the video:

Beyond that, be sure to check the OHaiPrototope folder of the repo to see all the scenes available. There’s a nice mechanism for hopping between scenes which involves tapping escape if you’re running on the simulator. If you’re running on device, a three finger swipe will get you back to the list.

If this is something that interests you, we’d love feedback on the api or comments about what feels heavyweight and what’s feeling lightweight. There’s a javascript bridge too, and when that lands, it’ll be way easier to share sketches around. For now, please poke around and if you spot an error in the docs or if a class or struct is missing, please open an issue :)

Some other notes here: i intentionally avoided looking at code here for two reasons: the first is that that really feels like its own video, but the second (and arguably more disturbing reason) is that opening any swift file seems to trigger a host of SourceKit crashes in xcode which is just really unpleasant especially if you’re trying to demo anything or if you’re trying to type in xcode.

thanks for your time,